[Homeroast] advantages of the 2 Behmor drums

Bob Hazen peatmonster at comcast.net
Sun Feb 7 20:24:36 CST 2010

I have both drums.  The large one arrived with the roaster back when we
didn't have a choice.  The announcement of the smaller grid drum seemed like
an answer to the irritating loss of small beans.  While it is better able to
keep the small beans inside, some still manage to find a way out.  As for
chaff being trapped in the, I haven't found it to be any worse with the
small grid that the large grid.  In fact nearly all the chaff gets out of
the drum, only part of it being trapped by the chaff collector >-).

My large grid drum sits on the shelf while I use the small one for
everything.  If I am missing an advantage to the large grid with certain
beans, I'm unaware of it.  I would suggest you buy the small grid drum.


> Hi,
> My original Behmor drum seem to have a problem with the mechanism that 
> closes the top of the drum. Sometimes the drum is opening up during a 
> roast.
> To prevent this behavior I am probably going to order a new drum, so I 
> have to decide wich of the drums I want.
> I am roasting  Yemen and other small beans so the drum designed for small 
> beans should be the obvious choice.
> I talked to the  Danish distributor about the 2 drums. He suggested to get 
> the regular drum because too much chaff get caught in the drum designed 
> for small beans.
> What are other Behmor users finding about the 2 drums?
> I did not really follow all Behmor threads before the model for Europe was 
> released last summer, so this may have been discussed earlier on the list.
> Claus

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