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Martin Maney maney at two14.net
Sat Feb 6 21:47:01 CST 2010

On Sat, Feb 06, 2010 at 09:52:44AM -0500, Tom Ulmer wrote:
> The single-point idea would never balance the books for my tastes. A more
> likely vision of drum roasting is heat radiating from all sides with
> conductive and convective heat transfer within.

Sure and certain, that's obvious.  If the beans are warming up from
contact with the walls, how much more so the air in the drum must be...
and that gives some of it back to the beans.  A state of continuous
thermodynamic disequilibrium.  ;-)

> However, it sounds to me as if hot air in motion and the dance with your
> beans is making sock suspenders part of your wardrobe... I've wondered at
> times myself of the spiritual nature in our roasting efforts and the
> culmination of consumption. 

I never *planned* to end up roasting beans on the porch using the heat
gun I bought years ago for other purposes.  Never planned to have an 8#
sampler of fine green beans sitting there laughing at my lack of
roasting appliance, either, and that was what pushed it, at least the
first time.  After my first cup of fresh beans I'd roasted, well, so
what if they might have been a bit scorched?  Dunno as the effect was
all that spiritual, but really, there was no turning back from the very
start.  Damn, this is fun (when it's not being infuriating)!

Somewhere around half the sampler later, the inconveniences of using
gun & bowl on a notionally enclosed porch during a midwestern winter
(not least being that the weather tended to have about as much effect
on the results as anything I was doing) finally pushed me to order a
Nesco.  Despite having nearly doubled my coffee consumption - can't
recall when I last failed to have that after-dinner cup, which used to
be a rare thing - I don't see myself wanting to do batches much larger
than 4 or 5 ounces.  And with small batches and the afterburner (or
whatever you want to call it), I can probably roast indoors.  Come
summer I can clean off the old Poppery (original model) if I want to
play outside.

Fresh coffee, Zassenhaus, CCD... life is pretty good. :-)

In terms of utility rather than dollars, I can spend "nothing"
(which to a first approximation is the value of a dollar out of my
weekly budget) to get a non-zero chance of completely changing my
life.  Or, in yet other terms, I can just wait for them to send me
the check by mistake, which can't be *that* much less likely than
actually winning [the lottery].  -- David Dyer-Bennet

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