[Homeroast] Workshop # 8

Yakster yakster at gmail.com
Sat Feb 6 17:33:23 CST 2010

Here's my seven day follow-up on Workshop #8.  I had my second session with
this roast this morning (Saturday) following the last try on Wednesday.  The
beans have now had seven days to rest.  I decided to start with a single
instead of finishing with one or skipping the single altogether after
reading a Home Barista's preference for singles on his Olympia Cremina.
Singles used to be my Kryptonite on the La Peppina, but I now do just a
quick pump and go with singles and let the spring do the work, foregoing any
attempts at long pre-infusion or delay and I find the espresso yields a
really nice shot this way without over-extraction.  Doubles get several
pumps and maybe a five count after the first drops appear before helping the
lever home.

Waw Bukan Main found it's body sometime between Wednesday and today.  Where
before it was on the thinner side, today it had nice body, still getting the
fruity, citrusy component (maybe some lime in there) but not a lot of
chocolate.  My first pull was with a kettle temp of 202 and I upped this to
204 for the following double which was also enjoyable.  I ended up having a
single and two doubles, but enjoyed the single the most.  I'll have to drop
the temp later to bring out the bass notes.

By this point I'm almost to the end of my first half of this roast, the
second is sitting in the freezer... I'll go take it out since this bean
clearly likes some rest before it really fills out.  I'm enjoying this
experience, but looking forward to getting back into Liquid Amber soon (and
will have to find an opportunity to get some New Classic Espresso beans
later this year).


On Thu, Feb 4, 2010 at 2:37 AM, Yakster <yakster at gmail.com> wrote:

> I got into the Workshop # 8 "Waw, Bukan Main!" that I roasted on Saturday
> (1/30) to FC tonight after eating dinner and roasting some almonds in the
> Behmor.  I roasted 8 oz on 1/2# P3 C profile, had a two minute first crack
> starting at 12:47 and hit cool about 20 seconds into second crack at 15:49.
> ... I'm getting a fruity citrus component, but the shot wasn't particularly
> thick or chocolaty.  It didn't really pop, kind of muted.

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