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The single-point idea would never balance the books for my tastes. A more
likely vision of drum roasting is heat radiating from all sides with
conductive and convective heat transfer within. The materials of
construction with design consideration for agitation will influence each.
Then of course there is there is the luxury of focusing on other aspects of
the roast or mild multitasking instead of providing the primary mechanical
input to the process. 

However, it sounds to me as if hot air in motion and the dance with your
beans is making sock suspenders part of your wardrobe... I've wondered at
times myself of the spiritual nature in our roasting efforts and the
culmination of consumption. 

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Just an aside- I can not reconcile the idea that drum roasting takes place
because of the single point contact of a bean with the drum. I cooled the
first half-dozen air popper roasts by tossing the beans out on a cookie
sheet kept in and returned to the freezer. It worked better than not
stopping the roast. Diminutive roast was cool in about two minutes. Osmotic
heat transfer either direction.

In the blower intake in a screen mesh colander, the 400g roast was cool in
5s in the frigid air blast. Below 0° C by 30s. I've been greeted by a
staggering puff of aroma every time I've opened the jar in the week since

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