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Sat Feb 6 01:37:31 CST 2010

At the point, I remembered I had nothing at all roasted and the Liquid Gold
was all gone too. Cool and no breeze last Saturday night, I was going to
milk another roast out of the re-re-re-fixed Wagner.

How Dingie could I be? Risk coffee beans just to get a few more miles out of
an Elmer Fudd heat gun? Not!

Normally I could just grab stuff on the fly, set up and roast in the
carport. The new Wagner heat gun had never seen power yet, so the pigtail
wire was tightly coiled and kinked. Got to thinking about it and broke out
the new HG.

Warmed the tightly coiled new power pigtail with the old HG. The roast was
cake. Hung it right in 2nd Crack. Would have gotten to Hell++ roast level
easily, but the HG is easy to control- held it right at 2nd Crack until it
went super critical. That's where I stopped it.

Just an aside- I can not reconcile the idea that drum roasting takes place
because of the single point contact of a bean with the drum. I cooled the
first half-dozen air popper roasts by tossing the beans out on a cookie
sheet kept in and returned to the freezer. It worked better than not
stopping the roast. Diminutive roast was cool in about two minutes. Osmotic
heat transfer either direction.

In the blower intake in a screen mesh colander, the 400g roast was cool in
5s in the frigid air blast. Below 0° C by 30s. I've been greeted by a
staggering puff of aroma every time I've opened the jar in the week since

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