[Homeroast] irritation when measuring beans for espresso

Michael Wade mlwade at pacbell.net
Fri Feb 5 03:36:30 CST 2010

Perfect.  Just what I was looking for.

Thanks all,

Michael Wade

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> Hi Michael,
> I missed your email on the main list somehow, and so I'm copying in from 
> the
> quoted text of (just plain) Mike's email.
> I had the Virtuoso before I had the Vario, and I could tell a distinct
> difference in the cup. The flavors were more pronounced, and the cup was
> cleaner and sweeter. That's for vacuum brewing. As already mentioned, I
> don't drink espresso, so must leave it to folks like (just plain) Mike 
> chime
> in.
> There is practically no grounds retention at all. There certainly isn't 
> the
> kind of buildup that plagues several other grinders. If you puff air 
> through
> while running the grinder empty (quick-closing the hopper lid, for 
> example),
> you'll get a really light dusting of remainders, but that's it.
> There can be a static problem, at least initially, that makes the grinder
> seem a bit messy, but it seems to diminish over time. Currently, I simply
> let the grinder rest after grinding for 30 seconds or so (typical for
> waiting for the water to finish rising in the funnel), and the static 
> seems
> to dissipate completely in that interval.
> Finally, it's pretty quiet. It's not silent, but I thought it was a bit 
> more
> discreet than the Virtuoso, and it doesn't strike me as noisy at all.
> Hope this helps.
> Doug
> On Thu, Feb 4, 2010 at 8:24 AM, Michael Wade <mlwade at pacbell.net> wrote:
>> At last, someone who is using the grinder I'm considering for brew!
>> Doug, if I might ask, how much difference did you notice in the cup?
>> I've read that a design priority was to minimize grind retention.  Do you
>> find this to be true?
>> I'm also curious about the noise level, but it would have to be quieter
> than
>> my old Maestro...
>> Michael Wade
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