[Homeroast] irritation when measuring beans for espresso

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Thu Feb 4 20:45:36 CST 2010

What Mike (just plain) didn't mention was (I'm 99.99% sure) he's using the
Vario instead of his Mazzer Mini, not exactly a low end home grinder itself.

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> I use the Vario (have been 'testing' it for 10 months or so).  My use
> is for espresso grind (the only thing we drink here).  I'm quite
> impressed with it.  If you shop the web, $400 or so seems to be the
> going price. The burr set, burr carrier and additional features of the
> Vario puts it in an entirely different class than the less expensive
> grinders as well as some of the more expensive ones.
> If you have a few months to wait and use your grinder for espresso
> infrequently,  Baratza is almost ready to introduce a variation of the
> Virtuoso with considerably finer grind adjustment that is less
> expensive than the Vario.  I don't recommend the Virtuoso for long
> term espresso only use but it would probably be a great grinder for
> general use.
> The above attitude is not based on actually playing with the new
> model.  When it becomes available, it may surpass my expectations.
> Baratza has developed a habit of accomplishing pretty nifty stuff at
> reasonable price points.
> Mike (just plain)

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