[Homeroast] Now non-plastic hot pot/ PINO kettle

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Thu Feb 4 15:21:00 CST 2010

The Pino only has plastic in the lid, everything else is SS, so if 
you heat water and pour, it would not contact anything but steel 
(spout is steel). I don't think the pino is great for travel though,

>Hi Ed,
>I am looking for an electric kettle that has no plastic. I have looked into
>glass -- and it  seems that everything has problems with the situation.
>Plastic somewhere. I realize there is no way to get ourselves separated from
>plastic. I do the best I can and try to keep plastic and heat away from what
>I consume. So, is the Hamilton Beach for the stovetop? I want something for
>travel. I use stainless steel on my stovetop but want something for an on
>the go type of thing. Thank you for responding!
>On Thu, Feb 4, 2010 at 9:33 AM, Edward Rasmussen <edras at uwyo.edu> wrote:
>>  I use a Hamilton Beach cordless kettle that I got at Target.  It's all
>>  stainless steel except for the sight gauge that shows the water level in the
>>  pot and that's some sort of plastic.
>>  Ed
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>>  Even though the BPA has been removed, plastic can still contain chemicals
>>  we
>>  wouldn't want in our coffee or -- anything else. That's why I switched to
>>  the glass vacuum pot many years ago. Does anyone know of a portable
>>  stainless steel "hot pot" that has no plastic exposed to the water?
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