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Thu Feb 4 12:21:17 CST 2010


I was thinking that I'd go lighter with the roast for the second half pound
of this.  I only picked up a pound due to my stash reduction project... and
I was able to get away with getting espresso blends at all because my sis
gave me a Sweet Maria's gift cert for xmas... what a great gift.

I just started tasting # 8 and finished my last batch of Liquid Amber.  I
stashed half of the roasted beans in the freezer to take out when I'm
finishing the first half, but I'm not sure that I should have bothered,
since half a batch, 90 grams, sure doesn't look like much espresso.  When I
run out of the xmas espresso blends, I'm just going to have to roast and
blend my own with my stash, maybe revisit some S.O. espresso.

As for Red Berry and Barefoot, you'll have to give me a heads up of your
plans.  I dropped into Red Berry this morning after dropping the kids off at
school and the roasted decaf off at my In-Law's and enjoyed Barefoot's Red
Cab (chocolate raspberry) and Ecco's espresso blend.  I had previously lent
Jeff my spare Clever Coffee Dripper to play with and my spare Cory glass
filter rod to check out since they have a Yama 8 cup siphon brewer behind
the counter that they're thinking of using (if Jeff can convince his
Barista's that it's safe... but not with glass rods).  Jeff liked the CCD
and said he's thinking of getting one.  Jeff showed me his coffee backpack,
a small corny keg that pressurizes and holds coffee so that they can canvas
the City Hall parking lot for potential customers and provide on-the-spot
samples... I asked him if he had a cape to go along with that.  After my
second shot, Andy Newbom of Barefoot came in and I got to be introduced and
talk some more coffee.

I'd be up for meeting you one morning at Red Berry, it's a great, small
place and they have two of three great roasters on bar for espresso,
Barefoot, Ecco, and Ritual.  Jeff let me know that he updates his Yelp
listing with the coffee's on bar and they just got their website up and he's
planning on learning Dreamweaver to keep that updated, but right now the
Yelp page is the most up to date for what's being pulled as espresso.  I go
in the mornings or at lunch (Pho Lan is next door and they have some good
Vietnamese chow) since they close by six during the week.


As far as Indian food near Barefoot, I used to go to Sneeha on Lawrence and
Central when I worked in the area for their buffet lunch.  I see it compared
to a closer Bangalore Cafe on El Camino which I haven't tried, but these
aren't my favorite places.  You might want to try Vegetarian House in Santa
Clara which I hear is good... I go to Loving Hut in Milpitas near where I
work now (and near 99 Ranch Market) for terrific Vegan food, now I'm getting

You can email me off-list if you've got time to meet up while your in the
area and we can see if we can make something happen.

yakster at gmail.com

On Thu, Feb 4, 2010 at 7:18 AM, Greg Hollrigel <ghollrigel at gmail.com> wrote:

> Excellent timing and comments Chris.
> As just so happens, I pulled my last shot of this last night, too.  I have
> 1
> or 2 more lbs of greens in the pantry.  I've gone through 2 pounds of this
> blend, and last night's shot was the best I've gotten with it, and my
> thoughts pretty closely track yours.  My roast was probably a FC+ to a
> little more (I took it into 2nd crack about 20 seconds) and it was about 10
> days rest.  I pulled it with my manual lever with a good amount of
> resistance, whatever that means (to me, it means, I'm going to get a more
> syrrupy shot than watery shot.  :-))  The shot was about 1oz or a bit more
> from about 12-13g of beans.  The shot was definitely smooth, and the first
> half of the shot was somewhat sweet, bright, and balanced.  The last half
> was a bit more zesty is all I can think of.  Tom's notes refer to
> brightness
> and tannic tightness - I think that is how I felt it was.  But, I didn't
> get
> much of fruit or chocolate flavors, overall just a nice feeling.
> On previous roasts of this blend, I've always danced around 2nd crack, and
> did not have much success.  So I think I'll stay in the 2nd crack range and
> see if I can have more success.
> Just as my comparison point, I'm pulling great shots with some roasted
> beans
> from Klatch, so I know it's either my roasting skills on Workshop #8, or
> the
> blend isn't my style.
> And to go OT, I'm looking forward to trying Red Berry Coffee Bar and
> revisiting Barefoot next week (probably early mornings on Tues & Wed, or
> maybe dinner on Tues).  Any recommendations for good Indian or other
> vegetarian ethnic food near Barefoot?
> Thanks,
> Greg
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> Greg,
> I got into the Workshop # 8 "Waw, Bukan Main!" that I roasted on Saturday
> (1/30) to FC tonight after eating dinner and roasting some almonds in the
> Behmor.  I roasted 8 oz on 1/2# P3 C profile, had a two minute first crack
> starting at 12:47 and hit cool about 20 seconds into second crack at 15:49.
> I hooked up the PID to the La Peppina and set the kettle temp for 202 F,
> loaded 14 g into the double basket and pulled a shot for myself.  I'm
> getting a fruity citrus component, but the shot wasn't particularly thick
> or
> chocolaty.  It didn't really pop, kind of muted.  I pulled the next shot as
> a cappuccino for the wife who was calling for coffee, used the thrift store
> battery operated milk frother on microwaved soy for the first time rather
> then futz with the La Peppina ventilator lid to steam... foam was stiff,
> not
> great, but the Wife enjoyed the Cap... should get better with practice.
> My last shot was a 7 g single of the last of my Liquid Amber batch and I
> must say it really blew the # 8 pull out of the water.
> I'll see what a few more days rest and maybe some changes in technique can
> bring from this blend.  I think next time I'll lower the dose to 12 as I
> was
> fairly well choking it.
> -Chris
> On Sun, Jan 31, 2010 at 7:25 AM, Greg Hollrigel <ghollrigel at gmail.com
> >wrote:
> > That's interesting Chris.  I never thought about using nuts.
> >
> > If you don't mind, post your thoughts on Workshop #8.  I've got my
> > karma back, and am pulling great shots again.  I even had good success
> > with Treble Response, which I was having a lot of difficulty before.
> > But ... I still can't seem to get #8 right as far as shot taste goes.
> > It might just be my flavor sensors, but I would like to see others'
> > feedback on this blend.
> >
> > Greg
> >
> >
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