[Homeroast] Broken Yama Vac Pot Base

Bonnie Polkinghorn bonnie.polkinghorn at gmail.com
Wed Feb 3 18:18:29 CST 2010

Add another not so pretty sight to the list of Yama Vac Pot disasters.

The bottom of the 8 cup pot is a simple coffee pot, it is all glass and has
a neck at the top with a metal ring around it, and a handle attached.  On
top of the metal ring is the pour spout.

This morning, as I have done every morning for a long time, I poured the
boiling water into the bottom of the Vac Pot.  I lifted it up by the handle,
and the entire neck of the vac pot came off.  I had the handle in one hand,
and the base was still on the counter.  An almost perfect break.


Luckily, I have an emergency backup drip brewer.

As far as disasters go, at least there was no mess, no shards of broken
glass anywhere, no boiling water spewing all over.  Most importantly, no
wasted roasted beans!   I can probably order a replacement pot, too.  I
think it looks so funny with the handle separate from the bowl.

I'm glad I can share the humor of the situation with you all, too.

-Bonnie P.

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