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Yes , it follows the head of the Oromia Cooperative Union around. One 
issue people in the trade have with it is that, especially since this 
came out, he has  some notion that he is the saviour, and should be 
deified. Oromia has had very mixed results in terms of quality, from 
there 100+ mills. They are a huge, powerful cooperative. There is 
some good info in Black Gold but I am not sure of the portrait it 
paints, and of Tadesse himself. Last 2 trips I have spent time with 
the YCFCU and SCFCU (Yirga Cheffe Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union, 
and Sidamo ...) and had some interesting experiences visiting mills 
with them. Quality issues persist, and the problem is that if they 
ruin coffee in processing, they are not capturing the full potential 
value of it, and returning that to the farmers. I think the coops are 
actually doing a poor job of quality control, with no communication 
between mills and no standards. See my videos on you tube of really 
bad cherry selection and fermentation techniques... anyway, i am 
getting sidetracked - but there are a lot of issues that black gold 
doesnt even touch on... -Tom

>Greetings, all,
>Here in the SF Bay Area, KTEH TV will be showing a short film called 
>"Black Gold", described this way,  "Black Gold" examines the global 
>coffee industry and the challenges faced by small coffee growers. 
>Sorry for the short notice.
>Happy Roasting,
>robert yoder
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