[Homeroast] irritation when measuring beans for espresso

Starfinder Stanley coffee at starf.org
Wed Feb 3 09:46:36 CST 2010

In my experience, most grinders have a variety of places for the gremlins to
hide 'extra' grounds after the burrs and before the exit chute.  I usually
take a sample machine apart to assess the nooks and crannies (many have
little windmill vanes around the base of the burrs, to fling the grounds
out, which usually all fill up with grounds).  If you can do it in the
store, even better!  That way you know the thing is easy to disassemble and
clean, too.  I have to admit I'm still running a lighter, cheaper grinder
(one of the off-brand ones with more expensive innards from years ago, can't
remember the brand off the top of my head), which I just pick up and give a
few thumps on the counter at the end of the grind, spinning the burrs after
the hopper's empty to mobilize the grounds in the 'windmill.'  Then a couple
sharp raps upward with the portafilter to assure the chute's empty
(otherwise the gremlins gleefully dump a pile of grounds out 15 seconds
after I remove the PF).

Otherwise, I would recommend starting your coffee ritual by running some
sacrificial beans through and dumping the first 5 seconds' worth of grounds
to avoid risk of contracting stalecoffeeitis.


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