[Homeroast] how many scoops per cup?

Yakster yakster at gmail.com
Tue Feb 2 18:00:23 CST 2010

BTW, 450 grams of water is about 15.2 ounces of water, the resulting 400
grams of coffee is about 13.5 oz of coffee, so 6.75 oz per cup or

I still haven't managed to think in grams when roasting, but it's going in
that direction.


Inventory in pounds, roast in ounces, brew in grams, it's all mixed up.

On Tue, Feb 2, 2010 at 3:57 PM, Yakster <yakster at gmail.com> wrote:

> I've been using 2 AP (AeroPress) scoops for a long time to make small cups
> of coffee for the Wife and I each morning.  This is the standard I use for
> AP coffee and now for CCD (Clever Coffee Dripper) coffee.  I still use this
> standard for the AP when I brew at work.
> I have recently been measuring the weight of the grounds and the water, the
> 2 AP scoops of whole coffee weight out to be about 24 grams of ground
> coffee.  I add 450 grams of 30 second off the boil water to these grounds in
> the CCD to yield two 200 gram cups of coffee (about 6.75 oz each).  The nice
> thing about weighing this is that I can now make a single serving for myself
> by adding 225 grams of hot water to 12 grams of coffee because when I tried
> to make single cups in the CCD, I have ended up mis-estimating the water
> level by eye and ending up brewing too much coffee for the cup.
> I was giving the Wife the first cup, but after reading Tom's results from
> recent experiments where he stated that the first cup is stronger I've been
> reversing this, but this is a slight problem because she takes Splenda and
> the speed of the first cup is enough to mix in the sweetener, but the second
> cup drains much slower and I may have to resort to a mini whisk in my
> double-wall glass Bodum Pavina glasses, A step I'd rather skip.
> For vac pot, I use the measuring scoop that came with the Yama 8 cup.
> -Chris
> On Tue, Feb 2, 2010 at 1:49 PM, Greg Hollrigel <ghollrigel at gmail.com>wrote:
>> I use 2 Aeropress scoops for about 12 oz of water for my CCD and other
>> drip
>> methods, which I compute to be about 11g per 6 oz water.
>> For my wife, she gets 1 Aeropress scoop for 10-12 oz of water.
>> Greg

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