[Homeroast] how many scoops per cup?

Dave Bush davebush at mac.com
Tue Feb 2 14:35:59 CST 2010

 I use between 1 and 2 grams of beans to 1 liquid ounce of water, depending on who I'm making it for and how strong they like their coffee.

On Tuesday, February 02, 2010, at 02:06PM, "michael brown" <disracer at msn.com> wrote:
>Okay i have to tell on myself here.  It's been so long since i've made
>"regular" drip coffee that i couldn't remember how many scoops per cup
>to make.  Seems like i remembered one scoop per two cups (scoops being
>tablespoons).  I did that and tasted nothing, tasted like hot water.  I
>tried another coffee, same thing.  Tried a third, same thing.  I've
>been pulling shots for so long, and CCD's that i thought i aughta try
>it as a drip.  Well it freaked me out.  These were left over coffees of
>coffees that i had already sold to friends and such.  I'm thinking,
>"there's something VERY wrong."  
>I finally got up to 4scoops for 2cups before i could really taste the
>coffee.  that still seems like an incredible amount, so i'm going to
>ask the stupid question, or better yet, i'll mask it as a poll
>question:  What's your scoop to cup ratio?  I'm still on the fence
>about whether or not i should be freaking out.  Still doesn't quite sit
>right with me.  Although the shots are great!  and the CCD's have been
>good, this just doesn't seem right.
>By the way, these were various coffees; Brazil taken 30sec into 2C,
>Sumatra about 30sec into 2C, and Guat just a few snaps into second.
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