[Homeroast] clever coffee dripper

Martin Maney maney at two14.net
Mon Feb 1 16:00:52 CST 2010

On Mon, Feb 01, 2010 at 05:19:48AM -0800, Allon Stern wrote:
> currently just using a paper plate.  It steams the plate a little,
> but works.  I need to find a better solution.

My very first thought was that if we had any of those coffecup-sized
foamed plastic plates around...  But of course we didn't.  Since I got
a measurement (not considered terribly reliable) of 185 at the end of
the steeping the one time I've tried to check, I'm thinking about
adding insulation to the lid.  And, even less likely to pass from fancy
to reality any time soon, of a dripper cozy...

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