[Homeroast] Roaster woes...

Starfinder Stanley coffee at starf.org
Mon Feb 1 15:59:28 CST 2010

Yes, I did see those in my googlings....  Most of the links through tinyurl
seem broken, but I'll try emailing craig.  I'll see if I can find time to
crack 'er open before next week...   And in the meanwhile, I think I had
another creaky but still functional alpenrost stashed away as a
summer-festival nut roaster, which will hopefully keep me in roasted beans
until I get the other one working again.  Elsewise I'll have to resurrect
the scirocco....

On Mon, Feb 1, 2010 at 11:50 AM, Michael Dhabolt
<michael.dhabolt at gmail.com>wrote:

> There was a thread several years ago on one of the coffee related
> forums about troubleshooting problems with the Alp.  I think it was on
> coffeegeek.com.  You might try searching for Alpenroast on the various
> forums. I believe the thermal protection was identified as the most
> common problem resulting in the type of problems you are seeing (as
> has already been identified by others in this thread).  Disassembly
> and troubleshooting instructions in the thread were comprehensive and
> would be worthwhile if you can find them.
> Thorough cleaning (requiring a certain amount of disassembly) and
> replacing a part or two is probably required.
> A good place to start searching for info would be:
> http://coffeegeek.com/forums/coffee/homeroast/41480#41480
> One of the contributors to the thread is a guy with the handle CraigA
> (I believe).  He was a maintenance/repair guy who did work for
> Alpenroast when they were a popular item.  If you follow all the links
> in the above thread you should run into all the info available on the
> Alp.
> Good Luck
> Mike (just plain)
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