[Homeroast] Roaster woes...

Michael Dhabolt michael.dhabolt at gmail.com
Mon Feb 1 13:50:02 CST 2010

There was a thread several years ago on one of the coffee related
forums about troubleshooting problems with the Alp.  I think it was on
coffeegeek.com.  You might try searching for Alpenroast on the various
forums. I believe the thermal protection was identified as the most
common problem resulting in the type of problems you are seeing (as
has already been identified by others in this thread).  Disassembly
and troubleshooting instructions in the thread were comprehensive and
would be worthwhile if you can find them.

Thorough cleaning (requiring a certain amount of disassembly) and
replacing a part or two is probably required.

A good place to start searching for info would be:
One of the contributors to the thread is a guy with the handle CraigA
(I believe).  He was a maintenance/repair guy who did work for
Alpenroast when they were a popular item.  If you follow all the links
in the above thread you should run into all the info available on the

Good Luck

Mike (just plain)

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