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Mon Feb 1 12:50:05 CST 2010

I use a plate too. Sorta funny: my weekend morning ritual means 
starting toast, water is ready, rinse our paper filter in CCD (highly 
recommended, see my recent youtube videos on this ; 
http://www.youtube.com/sweetmarias )start brew, cover with plate, 
stir at 1 minute, toast finishes, butter and put on plate on top of 
CCD, then at 4 minutes, remove plate and toast, stir and drain CCD! 
Multifuntion plate!

Seriously, the new shipment due in a few weeks comes with a top. I am 
unclear on whether they changed the wavy rim on the ccd, but still we 
did NOT want the top to snap on, just to lay on top ... we were 
afraid a tight fit could lead to accidents. I am out of the loop on 
this though - maria has handled most of it, including some better 
English language text for the box!


>On Jan 30, 2010, at 5:52 PM, Yakster wrote:
>>  I've been using a saucer and the coffee has been hot enough for me, but I
>>  read on one of the forums (can't put my fingers on it right now) that
>>  someone found that a certain Ziplok lid fit the CCD perfectly and they've
>>  been using that.
>Hot enough for you, sure, but keep in mind that the reason to cover 
>isn't to keep the coffee hot for your cup, but rather to keep it at 
>the right temperature for extraction. I assume you know that, but 
>others might not, so I point it out to avoid confusion. I'm 
>currently just using a paper plate. It steams the plate a little, 
>but works. I need to find a better solution.
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