[Homeroast] Off-list Question: Restaurants on the Ave

David Rossell drossell at NorwoodSchool.org
Mon Feb 1 12:31:53 CST 2010

What about Lawton's in Lawrence on Canal Street?

I've talked to people down here in D.C. who still talk fondly about Lawtons.  No venison dogs or duck fat there, though.


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I second that *drool* - was reading the beginning of this thread at about
1:30 am right before I was heading to bed. Of course, I was hungry to begin
with... went to bed dreaming of the Chicago dogs I never had...

Boston's claim to hotdog fame is a truck in Newmarket Square called
"Speed's" - the 80+ owner/cook/entrepeneur (Speed himself) finally retired,
but not before training someone who took over.

People on Chowhound actually post messages about "Speed sightings," although
now they actually have a telephone number and even a website. Before, the
truck would appear only if the weather was decent, and the then very
successful Speed actually felt like showing up, lol.

If anyone comes to the Boston area, I heartily recommend locating the Speed
dog wagon - best around here, that's for sure.

Wicked good... ;-)


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