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Mon Feb 1 01:59:05 CST 2010

"The last of my..." ?  -IMV (207g) beans + 200g of WS#2 Auriferous blend is
now roasted.

New heat gun got to Second Crack + 18s in about 15m. (Old Wagner is on its
4th repair, and I left out the air dam on a previous repair.} HG wurks good
in the summer but yesterday's ambient was about 30° F. Cooling was a Grand
Slam as usual, but the cooled beans made the Mason jar  feel like it was
full of ice cubes. Cool Beans.

Last roast, it was obvious the higher air flow and resulting loss of
temperature worked to give a 20 minute + roast time for 500g to FC- with Ye
Olde Heat Gun. Didn't really get any Second Crack.

The extended roast was very bright for the first six hours, then matured to
a very nice drip and espresso brew through day 7. Wurkt best with a #21 -
21.5 grind.

New roast initially ground at 20 and was pure crema emulsion. It didn't
start to settle out until the demi was over half full. Time ran out and the
cup was still mostly crema. A Sink Shot for the crema averse Barista. They
will serve it your way at McDreck or *$ Inferno.

Cheers, Mabuhay, Iechyd da -RayO, aka Opa!

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