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Jim Couch ravskau at gmail.com
Thu Dec 30 09:32:41 CST 2010

Call the Hearthware support number ask if the part can be bought. My pot lid
arrived cracked and they sent me a new one. You might hafta buy a whole new
pot not sure how far they break assemblies down.
Worst thing they can do is shave your head and send you to Afghanistan, or
take away your birthday.

On Thu, Dec 30, 2010 at 2:04 AM, <msmb at suddenlink.net> wrote:

> I was about to replace the roaster base--the part that has the
> electronics-- of my I-Roast I , which has died, with a Roaster base for an
> I-Roast II.  All of the other parts from my I-Roast I should work on the new
> base.  But the diverter in my old glass roasting chamber has for a long time
> now been broken off its post.  that is the post that is in the very center
> of the chamber.  When I roasted I would just fit the diverter over the post
> and it would most of the time stay on during the roast.  Sometimes, the
> movement of the beans would topple it during the cooling cycle.  It is a
> little annoying, but I never tried roasting without it.  Does anyone know if
> it is an essential part of the roaster, and would my roasts come out just as
> well without it?
> I suppose the other possibility is to get some engine glue and see if that
> holds it.  I don't think I can order that part separately.  The only other
> possibility is to purchase an entire new I-Roast.
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