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Tue Dec 28 19:12:06 CST 2010

Good coffee roasting, by whatever method, consists only of a controlled
heating of the green coffee beans- ramping the temperature up at a certain
rate and holding at particular plateaus at constant temperature. That done,
you're half-way there.

Now that each bean is uniformly heated and held at a steady state
temperature, the roasting will continue to progress until you >Get Rid of
All the heat you just applied<. As each beans stays hot, it will continue to
roast- same for the beans' interior.

[Now, how much do you want a Large Capacity roaster that takes several
seconds to transfer a roasted batch to a cooling environment?] Can you say
"melange or Paisley roast?" The first beans into the cooler won't be roasted
the same as the last ones to be cooled, since they all came from the same
Hell Hole.

The commercial drum roasters can't attain the same roast uniformity as a Hot
Top, with its few-ounce capacity and diminutive cooling platform. This
forces the home roaster to deal with the stunted heating capacity of a
toaster and equivalent cooling to outsmarting the pesky Thermal Fuse.

Solve all that, and I predict there's a Grinder in your future- just thought
you'd like to know!

Cheers, Iechyd da, Mabuhay - RayO, aka Opa!
Persist in old ways; expect new results - suborn Insanity...

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