[Homeroast] Brand New Roaster-To-Be here

jsutton at sutton.org jsutton at sutton.org
Sun Dec 26 16:34:09 CST 2010

Hello all:

I've won a WBP2 auction on EBAY and am awaiting delivery.  And after much
reading, bid and won a convection oven on EBAY yesterday.  I have
AuctionSniper set for a couple Stir Crazy's ending soon.

I love to build things so the MODs article on these units are very
enticing as is the prospect of tasting fresh roasted, non-stale coffee.

I've ordered some green beans and accessories  from SweetMaria's as well
as Hawaiian producers so that will come sometime after the New Year.

I used to live in Hawaii when I was in the service (Oahu). And I've
traveled there many times since - years back for Windsurfing vacations,
then golf, and recently to take the kids back as they graduated from
I was amazed to find the ubiquitous sugar cane fields were gone, no more
'black snow' ever again.  Even the Dole Pineapple fields are largely gone
and some replaced by Dole Coffee fields up on the North Shore.

I live in Virginia now  (Nawthern VUHginya).

I look forward to learning how to roast properly through listening to all
the posts and advice here.

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