[Homeroast] NY Day best of 2010 SO Espresso Shoot-out at the Roastery

miKe mcKoffee mcKona at comcast.net
Fri Dec 24 17:39:54 CST 2010

How could I forget! While I've made some pretty good flourless mocha tortes
with quality commercial chocolate like Bernard Callebaut can't compare to
your home artisan chococate tortes starting from quality raw cacao beans. 

BTW, what's the address for dinner, great tasting salad and fresh dungeness
YUM! I could bring an apple wood smoked whole ham spiked with cloves I'll be
putting on early tomorrow, finished with a torch flamed glaze yet to be
determined, probably something like orange zest, allspice, touch of Dave's
Insanity Sauce for zing in real maple syrup. I know, you're not fond of
Habanero taste but oh well:) (Just in case anyone's wondering, the HEAT from
a Habanero doesn't phase our Alchemist, he can chew 'em like an apple, just
doesn't care for that particular pepper taste)

Got to finish up prepping these two Ethiopia heavy weight contenders for
next Saturday's bout and get home to Debi, after some last second finally
getting around to it haven't even started shopping of course...

Good to see you posting again Alchemist!


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> Sounds fantastic mike.
> Started off with tempering and molding 5 lbs of chocolate for gifts.
> I and Logan are now making a pair of Dual origin mocha 
> tortes  (remember those?) - Fresh made 80% Venezuelan Rio Caribe 
> chocolate and Yemen Mokha Ismaili shots.  Talk about burst in your 
> mouth raspberry (from the Rio Caribe) and chocolate (oddly, from the 
> Ismali).  Just about to make up the dark Rio Caribe ganache 
> to gild the lily.
> Then onto the small greens, walnut, pear, double cream gorgonzola, 
> with blueberry vinaigrette to take over to a friends for a 'simple' 
> dinner of fresh dungeness crab (plus salad and torte of course).
> Just keeping it simple :)
> At 02:39 PM 12/24/2010, you wrote:
> >Just finished roasting 15# (two batches) Ethiopia Jimma 
> -Nigusie Lemma for
> >NY Day SO espresso hopper. Guess what's in the roaster now 
> that'll be in
> >another SO espresso hopper for a head to head shoot-out? 
> "Found" a 15# vac
> >brick in the freezer of Ethiopia Haile-Selassie:) Ok, set it 
> aside many
> >months ago for just this purpose. Unfortunately didn't save 
> any of the
> >Ethiopia Maduro so no 3-way battle but that's ok. When I set 
> aside the Haile
> >figured it would be the main Star NY Day, but then Jimma 
> came along and blew
> >me away!
> >
> >Don't believe vac freezing greens works? You shoulda smelled 
> the "9 month
> >old" Haile through 1st development before and as it dropped, 
> hasn't lost a
> >step. It's gonna be a hell of a battle with Jimma duking it 
> out with Haile
> >NY Day! The betting line says it's too close to call.
> >
> >So what are you doing this fine Christmas Eve afternoon!
> >
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