[Homeroast] Ambient temp & roasting

Asa Butts asabutts at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 23 17:20:23 CST 2010

We finally got a break in the cold in NC, and yesterday's 52 was perfect for roasting coffee. My much (ab)used Behmor performed perfectly, as expected. Back to back - trickery is the ticket there. The Winter 2010 Blend is in bags ready to be delivered for the holidays, with a note about the need for rest. Family, friends & neighbors will understand. They are aware of the temperature and how it affects the roasting.

Since my husband & I retired this summer it's been slow roasting but I'm slowly getting to the bottom of my stash. It's been painful to read about all the new beans, but one of these days I'll be back for more!

Best wishes for a Happy Holiday Season!


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