[Homeroast] Maria's Moka Kadir Blend - Rocks / First Roast Suggestion

Paul Leung paulgleung at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 22 12:31:02 CST 2010

Perhaps I was just unlucky but I found three small rocks and a dirt clod in just 
3lbs of Moka Kadir. One of the rocks lodged in my Kyocera ceramic burr handheld 
grinder, completely locking it up and causing a small divot in the bottom burr. 
That 4 oz batch was roasted by air popper, the other subsequent batches were by 

As suggested by others, I load the drum and then spin and shake it over the sink 
for a while (you could also use the cool cycle w/o the chaff collector), letting 
any peaberries, bean fragments, debris, and rocks fall out before roasting. 
That's how I discovered the two other rocks and the dirt clod. I imagine small 
rocks would tumble out anyway during the roast. I didn't take the mention of 
rocks in MK seriously until that, and ever since, have been pouring out the 
greens on a white plate or cutting board to help identify any bean-sized foreign 
matter. The rocks I found were dark grey/black, and being color-blind, they are 
very difficult for me to spot post-roast. They stand out a little better next to 
green beans.

The pre-roast shake is important as I had two roasts stall and smoke after a 
bean sliver/peaberry partially exited the fine mesh drum, jam up against the 
chaff collector, and then burst into flames (they never seem to try to escape 
until mid- to late-roast!). The first time that happened was my second ever 
roast on the Behmor. I got pretty nervous after that, esp. now that I use a 
Baratza Vario, and much more diligent about sorting the beans.

I've only found one other rock and it was in a DP Ethiopian. I'm sure the 
potential for foreign matter is greater in DP beans vs. WP beans.



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