[Homeroast] SM Coffees of the Year, what were yours?

Martin Maney maney at two14.net
Mon Dec 20 19:59:03 CST 2010

On Mon, Dec 20, 2010 at 09:51:53AM -0500, ricky carter wrote:
> An Honerable Mention should go to "Costa Rica - Cafetalera Herbazu"

I have some of that, need to get to it one of these days.  Too many
coffees competing for time, and I need to start scheduling the
Christmas gift roasting.

I'm lousy at ranking things like coffees.  I'll instead list my
favorite broad geographic regions: Central America, South America,
Africa & Asia, and Indonesia.  Haven't had anything from the Islands &
Oddities group in decades, so I guess my long ago opinion of Kona (nice
but unexciting) continues in effect.

There were a few that got away, or nearly did.  I can't quite figure
how come I only got 1# of the Bali Kintamani in the first place, though
I do understand all too well the back pressure from too many pounds of
greens in the stash that kept me from getting more before it was too
late.  I only failed to miss the Yemen Sharasi due to Jim's generosity
- I had regretfully decided to cut it from the fall order, then it
showed up as the surprise in the box.  (yeah, I know it's still on
offer, but at this point I'm trying not to order any more beans for at
least a couple months.)

Over 12k of beans, and there are a couple that I'm watching for, hoping
they return to the listings again.  I must be crazy... but I love it!

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