[Homeroast] Hello - Getting going again

Greg Hammond greg.hammond at mac.com
Sun Dec 19 21:06:47 CST 2010

Merry Christmas to you and your fiancée both Jamie! Sounds like you will have fun getting back into it, and the Behmor will do you just fine.

Cheers, and Happy Holidays!


On Dec 19, 2010, at 17:57, Jamie Dolan <jamiedolan at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Guys!
> I had a busy year and was off the list for a few months.  I have a
> cheap Artie espresso machine I got about 4 years ago.  It has a
> pressurized portafilter, which made it hard to work with and tended to
> clog up.  About 2 and a half year ago, I got a Mazzer Mini E Model B,
> but still suffered with the cheap espresso machine.  Since I was at
> SCAA in 08, I've been dreaming of getting a Dalla mini.  I never
> gathered up the money $$$ for it though.
> I finally decided to go ahead and get a new machine, even if it was
> quite my dream machine.  I'm going to give the machine to my fieance
> as a Christmas gift (great way to justify spending the money).  I know
> she will be thrilled to have a machine that actually works to make her
> morning cappuccino.  The old machine kept getting clogged up in the
> portaflter and we more or less gave up on it a long time ago, only
> occasionally using it.
> After very extensive debate, I decided that I wanted something more
> advanced than the Silvia, and as much as I would have likely to get
> the Andreja, I decided to get the Bezzera BZ02SDE so I'd have some
> money left to get coffee and a new roaster.  I really hope I don't
> regret now spending the extra money and getting a higher end machine.
> I've had a Iroast for a few years, it's been damaged, and due to the
> lack of parts, I've pretty much given up on it.  I have a RK drum,
> which I've used a fair amount, but due to a new grill that it doesn't
> work well on, I decided to get something more convenient.  I kept the
> old grill and will eventually get it setup again.
> So this afternoon, I went to the SM site and piled up over $600 worth
> of stuff including a new Behmor roaster.
> I also got a a 10 pound bag each of:
> Moka Kadir Blend
> El Santo and Johnny
> New Classic Espresso
> Along with a few other smaller bags of coffee and other accessories.
> I decided to focus on the blends since I know we will be making a lot
> of espresso for a while.
> I'm hoping that the behmor will roast dark enough for espresso.  From
> everything I read, I think it will be fine, I never take even my
> darker espresso roasts very far into second, going to somewhere around
> city+ on most.
> I'm looking forward to using the new Behmor with with the new coffees
> and hope I won't be disappointed with my choice in new espresso
> machines.
> I'm in a 4 day shipping zone from SM via UPS, so I'm hopping they will
> be able to get my order out tomorrow, so it will be here for
> Christmas.  :-)
> Jamie
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