[Homeroast] Hello - Getting going again

Jamie Dolan jamiedolan at gmail.com
Sun Dec 19 19:57:05 CST 2010

Hi Guys!

I had a busy year and was off the list for a few months.  I have a
cheap Artie espresso machine I got about 4 years ago.  It has a
pressurized portafilter, which made it hard to work with and tended to
clog up.  About 2 and a half year ago, I got a Mazzer Mini E Model B,
but still suffered with the cheap espresso machine.  Since I was at
SCAA in 08, I've been dreaming of getting a Dalla mini.  I never
gathered up the money $$$ for it though.

I finally decided to go ahead and get a new machine, even if it was
quite my dream machine.  I'm going to give the machine to my fieance
as a Christmas gift (great way to justify spending the money).  I know
she will be thrilled to have a machine that actually works to make her
morning cappuccino.  The old machine kept getting clogged up in the
portaflter and we more or less gave up on it a long time ago, only
occasionally using it.

After very extensive debate, I decided that I wanted something more
advanced than the Silvia, and as much as I would have likely to get
the Andreja, I decided to get the Bezzera BZ02SDE so I'd have some
money left to get coffee and a new roaster.  I really hope I don't
regret now spending the extra money and getting a higher end machine.

I've had a Iroast for a few years, it's been damaged, and due to the
lack of parts, I've pretty much given up on it.  I have a RK drum,
which I've used a fair amount, but due to a new grill that it doesn't
work well on, I decided to get something more convenient.  I kept the
old grill and will eventually get it setup again.

So this afternoon, I went to the SM site and piled up over $600 worth
of stuff including a new Behmor roaster.

I also got a a 10 pound bag each of:
Moka Kadir Blend
El Santo and Johnny
New Classic Espresso

Along with a few other smaller bags of coffee and other accessories.
I decided to focus on the blends since I know we will be making a lot
of espresso for a while.

I'm hoping that the behmor will roast dark enough for espresso.  From
everything I read, I think it will be fine, I never take even my
darker espresso roasts very far into second, going to somewhere around
city+ on most.

I'm looking forward to using the new Behmor with with the new coffees
and hope I won't be disappointed with my choice in new espresso

I'm in a 4 day shipping zone from SM via UPS, so I'm hopping they will
be able to get my order out tomorrow, so it will be here for
Christmas.  :-)


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