[Homeroast] SM Coffees of the Year, what were yours?

raymanowen at gmail.com raymanowen at gmail.com
Sun Dec 19 02:53:48 CST 2010

Oh, boy-
Just for grins, I [the One who questions using small sample quantities for
roast testing, doing the Unusual Thing!] got a sample pack that arrived with
some Sulawesi A-A wet process Toraja. After my Celtic Critic and I split a
Turkish brew of a roast I tried to get near the dark end of Tom's suggested
range- "Ray- Let's get more of this Sulawesi!"

"Big girls with two hands should probably go ahead and get a Fiver before
they run out of it," and she did. The first sniff test out of the lighter
roast and cooler after that bigger batch arrived got a "Wow! Spicy
chocolate," and the first espresso sip got "Oh, is this flavor ever going to

Did it ever ! !

Cheers, Ray Owen aka Opa!

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