[Homeroast] SM Coffees of the Year, what were yours?

John Borella jborella at ct.metrocast.net
Sat Dec 18 10:39:26 CST 2010

Since I've still got a decent supply of my favorites from 09 vac bagged & 
stashed in the deep freeze I didn't go overboard this year. I did pick up 
some of the more popular single origins but my favorite wasn't one of them. 
For me the Ethiopian Harar Organic DP Biftu Genema was my favorite as it 
produced some of the best (IMO) straight shots I've ever had. Imagine an 
excellent spicy/sweet Yemen shot with the Harar blueberry mixed in & thats 
the Genema.

 Freezer space is tight but after trying this one I ordered up another 10lbs 
which should be here in a few days.

John B.

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