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Fri Dec 17 22:06:54 CST 2010

Beans and roaster are at 70F, line voltage is 120v constant.  Beans 
roasted to the start of 2nd.  Machine is from the first batch shipped 
into the country.  Drum motor and smoke suppressor both replaced.

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> So, then pray tell, how do I get it to roast 20 oz with the default time
> setting on 1lb P-1 and end the roast with 1 to 2 minutes left on the clock?
> Could be a lot of things . . . sample variation (mine's a rather old machine
> . . . I've already replaced the drum motor once, and changes may have been
> made if you have more recent production), you could be blessed with high
> line voltage and short internal wiring (I could break out one of the variacs
> and see what happens with 120V+ at the outlet, I suppose), could be that you
> store your beans and keep your roasting room warmer than I do, maybe you
> like lighter roasts, lots of possible reasons.  But whatever the reasons are
> mine will time out well before second crack with a pound of beans in it . .
> .
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