[Homeroast] Tradition offering

John A C Despres johndespres at gmail.com
Thu Dec 16 14:22:23 CST 2010

Good afternoon!

Once again it's time to offer up two of this year's limited edition coffee
cups to two separate members. These cups are designed by Rita Shields and
myself. Well, Rita and I choose the cup and the stamp is designed and made
by me. This year's stamp is a multi-pointed star cut in brass and gently
pressed into the clay before firing by Rita.

I commission these cups strictly as gifts and give most of them away. I keep
a few for myself and none are for sale - there isn't enough money to buy
one. Please don't ask to purchase one.

Once I get my log-in sorted out on the Sweet Maria's gallery page, I'll post
a picture of the two cups going in the mail.

So how do I get in on this fabulous offer, you may ask. It's simple! Just
e-mail me OFF LIST johndespres at gmail.com and state your interest. See?
Simple. I'll draw two names from my antique Kaffee Hag coffee can and will
announce the winners the evening of Dec 20.

To recap:
2 limited edition cups
Not for sale
2 winners
Email me off-list before 6 PM Eastern time
Wait until the evening of Monday December 20 for the big announcement

Sometime the week preceding Christmas, I'll send the cups.

If anyone has a question, please ask!

Good luck!


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