[Homeroast] THE home roaster

Deward Hastings dewardh at pacbell.net
Thu Dec 16 12:56:39 CST 2010

> I think that a 150-300 gram batch is ideal. Many are going to want 1 lb.

They *think* they want 1 lb., so they get promised 1 lb. . . . but you're
not going to get it in an inexpensive 120V plug-in appliance.  That's one of
my "objections" to the Behmor, the 1 lb. "claim" (that, along with the
idiotic "profiles").  Mine will turn 1 lb. brown, barely.  I tell it a
pound, and load 300 gram, which is plenty.  I can't get to FC+, or even FC,
otherwise.  Apart from that I'm satisfied with it . . . I've given up on
"profile" roasting . . . I just set it on P1 and listen for the cracks.
It's kind of full circle . . . I used to be nuts about "profile" (with the
fully instrumented and controlled Rosto) . . . now I'm content with "just"
an appliance . . . and good beans (thank you so very much for that) fresh
roasted . . .


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