[Homeroast] THE home roaster

Steven Van Dyke coffee at svandyke.com
Thu Dec 16 05:47:02 CST 2010

At 03:11 PM 12/15/2010, you wrote:

>  If it was build around some commonly available heat source, and 
> you had to put it together, but gave control of heat/air, manual 
> control of roast curves, physical sampling from the roast chamber, 
> and cooled outside the roast chamber in 4 min or less, that would 
> hit most of my targets. One disagreement I might find with other 
> home roasters would be batch size. I think that a 150-300 gram 
> batch is ideal. Many are going to want 1 lb. I think the best thing 
> about home roasting is freshness and variety. So I like smaller 
> batches. But if you can roast and cool at the same time in a 
> machine like this, I think most would be okay with a 1/2 lb batch.

That's why I'm a happy GeneCafe user.  I roast 250 grams / batch, 
generally just more than once a week.  Takes about 30 minutes total, 
coffee comes out *great*!

However, the cooling *is* the one feature that could be improved - 
it's almost half of the cycle time (does get under 300 degrees in 
just over 2 minutes).  The main thing is that you have to start the 
cooling just *before* you want to stop the roast - it's that slight 
'coast' that makes it tricky at first.

The simple two knob, two button interface is great when you know what 
you're doing (or even close) but for a total beginner it would help 
to at least have some 'profiles' printed out in the manual.

Ah well, as has been said before, the true key to getting great 
coffee *out* of your roaster is to put great greens *into* your roaster.


Steve :-> 

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