[Homeroast] Fresh Roast vs. Behmors, M3's, et cetera.

John M. Howison johnmhowison at gmail.com
Wed Dec 15 18:27:57 CST 2010

Over recent months, I have read with amusement of the trials and
triumphs of familiar posters to this list as they argue aboiut whether
some roaster or other is worth five hundred dollars more than another.

In a one-coffee-drinker household, my Fresh Roast rarely moves to the
front of the kitchen counter for more than ten or twelve minutes a day
to roast a half cup of SM's latest featured bean.  Ten or twelve very
agreeable minutes. While roasting, I can see the beans and smell the
beans and hear the beans throughout the process.  I can change the
heat level back and forth from High to Medium to High, and can refine
the process even further by altering the fan speed.   The "Cooler"
button does its job effortlessly.

After two or three trial runs , a new bean meets my standards.  My
Jimma is more satisfactory to me than the offerings of my friend the
professional Coffee Guy downtown, who gave $thousands for his roaster.
 My roaster cost half as much as my grinderr.  Gee whiz.

With a half dozen ceramic storage jars the size of a coffee mug,  I
don't wander far from the Three-Days-Rest-is-Best standard.

When it happens that I do a roast after dinner, I can hold a freshly
roasted bean between my teeth and flow an ounce of cordial across it,
Roman style.

Despite my poverty, I regularly have great coffee -- coffee fit for
the finest of beaks.  Is this a great century in a great country, or

Contra muros, mater rubicolla

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