[Homeroast] Why I will be selling my Behmor and buying an M3

Paul Leung paulgleung at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 14 19:04:16 CST 2010

I've had a fair share of chaff fires with just 8 oz. of DP beans--enough  to 
make me nervous and sweaty-palmed every time I hit first crack  (visions of a 
sweat-drenched, trembling index finger slipping off the "Cool"  button and 
sending my Behmor into the Third Crack Club...).

1.25 lbs of DP beans in the Behmor roasted to Full City+ or French?!? Indoors? 
Without a fire extinguisher in reach? You are the Evel Knievel of coffee 

Back on topic, sort of. The Behmor is a very good roaster for the price, batch 
size, and smoke suppression. I certainly understand Behmor owners wanting more 
out of it. It is easy to overlook its benefits. Can you imagine life for home 
roasters pre-Behmor? The Quest M3 looks awfully nice, but at 3x the price of a 
Behmor and 2x a HotTop, I would certainly expect a significant  improvement in 
roast quality and control (and I certainly wouldn't be upset if a M3 showed up 
under the Christmas tree this year...)


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>What convinces me that most of this is operator induced error is that I 
>can reliably roast 1.25lb of dry processed Ethiopian beans to FC+ or 
>even into French with no problem, at the default time of 18 minutes. 
>What is being missed is you can actually vary the roast profile by 
>varying the weight of beans and the bean/roaster start temperature. 
>Initial bean temperature will result in very measurable changes in the 
>EOR time, all else being equal.


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