[Homeroast] Why I will be selling my Behmor and buying an M3

sci scizen at gmail.com
Mon Dec 13 19:56:02 CST 2010

 Ok, first I don't want to be perceived as "bad mouthing" the Behmor, or
it's builder. I'm glad it exists and it is built well. I wish more people
would build machines for our quest. So I'm not bad mouthing the B1600, but
expressing my frustrations that apparently many share.  I'm persnickety  and
need the simplicity of control instead of the complications of preset
automatic procrustean bed profiles. Beans differ. They roast differently.
You need to be able to adjust, but once you press start on the B1600, you
have very little control other than opening the door. Every cooking method I
use is full manual. I have a gas stove. I can adjust heat and cook time very
delicately (and I do in the Whirley Pop). Why can't we have that simplicity
in a roaster? Again, why is automatic cheap and manual control costly? It is
counter intuitive. Even my cheapo toaster oven (using the same quartz
elements) lets me set the temperature with an analog knob and it doesn't
care how much stuff is inside of it. I can burn food to a smoking crisp with
every other cooking device I own. Why is a coffee roaster any different?

John, and by association Joe Behmor, the B1600 is not just a one pounder; it
is also a 1/4 pounder and a 1/2 pounder. I clearly understand why you can't
just keep adding infinite time to the one pound setting. But the 1/4 and 1/2
modes could easily allow you to keep adding time until you hit the degree of
roast you want. All three modes could be built so that you can add no more
than 15-30 seconds at a time, thus forcing you to stand there in front of
the machine to operate and watch it just when it should be most closely
watched (and thereby increase safety). Just sayin'.

I'm going to the M3 for control, but I will miss the Behmor's ability to
roast 14oz.

Thanks Mr. Behmor for building the B1600. I bought one and use it a lot, and
will even recommend it to the many people I've influenced to roast coffee. I
hope one day it can be improved, but I have outgrown it.


I spoke with Joe about some of this thread, and he told me some
interesting things.

To the question of why can't you just keep adding time, the answer is
basically this. There is no other 1 lb roaster on the market.  It's
is a new animal and basically has new 'rules'.  No manufacturer would
build it without time limits after they themselves saw how
differently 1 lb of beans behaves as compared to 1/2 lb.  Basically,
his hands were tied.  Likewise, he could not get insurance nor ETL
approval for the roaster without this feature.  It's one of those
realities of the market.

And for those vocal few (no offense) that can't reach 2nd crack just
when they want, there are 10 fold or more who can.  Just something to
think about.


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