[Homeroast] Chemex Traditional Offering Winner and How 'Late' Should be my Middle Name

Lynne lynnebiz at gmail.com
Mon Dec 13 17:37:37 CST 2010

Sorry to take so much time to write, guys. Moving stinks - the packing, the
mess, trying to remember all the little details... and boy, am I starting to
feel my age! Yuck - anyway, this move is so worth it, as I'm going to be
near so many awesome & interesting places - a bunch of Middle Eastern
grocery stores, and a terrific local store that started out, as I have read,
as just a veggie & fruit stand - called 'Russo's. I'm so psyched I can't
even sleep at night!!  Oh, and of course, being close to most of my kids, of
course. Although I think I'm going to sort of miss the coyotes that have
invaded this area... ;-) lol.

Anyway, here I am rambling away, as usual - I did pick a winner on Thursday
(after getting my weekly dose of television with a terrific episode of
Fringe!). The winner of my fantastic, aged but still hanging on (kind of
like I feel this week, haha) Chemex is Laurie Levites.

Laurie - I'll get that shipped out by tomorrow - you are lucky, because the
only reason I can move that fast is because I have to, since we move on
Wed., haha!!

Thanks guys, for taking part in this.

Now - back to packing. Yuck. ;D


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