[Homeroast] Why I will be selling my Behmor and buying an M3

Edward Bourgeois edbourgeois at gmail.com
Mon Dec 13 12:12:04 CST 2010

The Behmor is a good first attempt IMHO but just that. The chaff
singeing issue is unacceptable. Having to trick the roaster by setting
1lb and roasting 8-12oz defeats part of the safety features. If I had
to tell an insurance agent whether or not I was using the roaster as
instructed would I have to lie? If the floor was 1 inch or so lower
would the chaff issue improve? A mod I just haven't had a chance to
try. Having a roaster that will do a full lb. indoors into 2nd crack
with 15amps and having good smoke suppression is challenging at best.
I might prefer 8-10oz but with the ability to do back to back. The
wire mesh drum and radiant heat application is a good concept as is
the roaster design in general but with all now learned it needs a
version 2 IMO.

On Mon, Dec 13, 2010 at 12:31 PM, Ira <ira at extrasensory.com> wrote:
> At 07:21 AM 12/13/2010, you wrote:
>> I would tend to agree with you that the Behmor is being just plain
>> bad-mouthed.  Trying to roast 1lb of hard beans on P-3 will never turnout
>> well.  And if the beans are cold it will be a disaster.
> But, the instructions say it should work, don't they.  I was promised a 1lb
> roaster, weren't you?
> Ira
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