[Homeroast] Why I will be selling my Behmor and buying an M3

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> This list is full of roasters with far, far more experience than I have,
> but I can't help but feel that the Behmor has gotten a bad rap in this
> thread.  I regularly roast 12 oz of beans on P3 without any problem at all
> of getting them through first crack and into second (if that's what I'm
> shooting for).  I sometimes roast 1 lb. of beans, again without a problem
> reaching first crack.  I don't use a voltage regulator or any fancy
> electrical devices.  I plug in the Behmor put in the beans, and it just
> works.
> For me at least, the Behmor fills a crucial niche--an indoor roaster that
> can do 12-16 ounces of coffee per batch.  I "hack" the P3 roast profile by
> opening the door during and after first crack to stretch the roast a bit.
>  Am I not squeezing every last bit of flavor out of the beans?  Almost
> certainly.  Are my roasts 100 percent reproducable.  Nope.  But that's okay,
> since I'm roasting for my own pleasure and that of my family and friends.
>  And I can do it under my range hood without filling the house with smoke.
> That's an amazing machine.
> David
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> I think (IMHO) that what is NOT right is having a 1# machine that can only
> perform to ones expectations with 8 (or 12) oz of beans. At that point the
> Behmor is a quarter kilo instrument and must be compared to other quarter
> kilo devices.
> At the current time I am satisfied with the results of roasting with a
> Behmor and I usually roast a pound at a time. But, every individual will
> have to assess their own situation to see if it satisfies their objectives.
> Bruce Garley
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