[Homeroast] OT Test - input wanted

John Nanci john at chocolatealchemy.com
Sat Dec 11 21:35:50 CST 2010

OK, I found the toggle to receive my own message and it was set that 
I should be, but I toggled a couple others.  We'll see (or more like 
I will) if that has any effect.

At 07:08 PM 12/11/2010, you wrote:
>Your post came through just fine, John.  As I recall, there's a 
>setting on the setup page for the list that allows you to copy yourself or not.
>It's been a while, so I couldn't tell you how to do it.  But if you 
>poke around you should see it.  That is, unless I'm having a synaptic misfire.
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>Subject: Re: [Homeroast] OT Test - input wanted
>>Question here.  Do people see their own posts?  Ever since (a year 
>>ago?) that the mailing list was migrated, I've not seen a single of 
>>my own posts.  Which is why I have hardly posted.  I didn't think 
>>they were getting through.
>>I've confirmed they are not spammed.  It's like the mail list 
>>system isn't sending out the message back to the originator.  Anyone else?
>>Testing something with my mail system.
>>Please ignore.  Thanks.
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