[Homeroast] Why I will be selling my Behmor and buying an M3

sci scizen at gmail.com
Sat Dec 11 13:00:43 CST 2010

 That thought crossed my mind, but this trick, which I have used before,
makes the P2 profile have its power dip at the wrong place. It would roast
the 8 oz. up through first crack at full power, and the dip would occur
somewhere after 2nd crack (far too late). So it would really just be the
same as P1 wouldn't it?

My beef is that the B1600 can obviously handle 24 min roasts, so why
restrict the amount of time one can add on the fly in the 1/4# and 1/2#
mode? It doesn't make any sense, even for safety. You should be able to keep
adding time at the end to extend the roast to the degree you want, then hit

There was no danger of 3rd crack! heck, the danger was that I would not even
hit 1st. You can imagine my angst as I watched my precious batch of '07 IMV
about to go south when with just 1:15 left on the roast first crack had not
started. Agghh!

As for the age of beans, my experience is this: vacuum sealed deep frozen
(i.e., with no defrost cycles!) beans are fine for a very long time. How
long exactly I don't know, but I will find out. Hard to test too since you
can't have a control batch. But I have roasted many batches of beans with 2+
years with no issues. I recently pulled out 1# of '08 Guat. Oriente DP and
it yielded crazy fruit punch flavor just like the day it arrived. I concede
that the age of the beans might change the roasting profile, making this a
"fly by the seat of your pants" roast. All the more reason for more control.
Why is control so hard to get and so pricey? [It used to be that "automatic"
things were pricey, and manual things were inexpensive, but now it is the
opposite. Sometimes, I hate so-called "progress," but I digress.]

As for upgraditis, yes i have it and no I don't. I've owned the B1600 for 1
year, so I'm not itching for upgrade, but have never achieved stupendous
results because of lack of control, and maybe too the heat transfer issues.
Honestly, my 4 year old IR2 roasts better coffee, but, oh, such tiny
batches. Even my well used Whirley Pop does better. Maybe M3 isn't a
replacement for the B1600 (only b/c cost 4x), but at this point in my
roasting maturity it is time to get something like M3, because I understand
more about the bean than the B1600 will allow me exploit. I have toyed with
the idea of the Genecafe and the Hottop, but M3 seems to be their

So M3 here I come!



///Why didn't you put it on the 1 lb setting and roast the 8oz?  It
///would have given you plenty of time.  On the other hand, if that is
///what you did, and you could not roast 8 oz in 20 minutes, something
//is wrong and you should contact customer support.  That isn't right.

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