[Homeroast] Why I will be selling my Behmor and buying an M3

John Nanci john at chocolatealchemy.com
Sat Dec 11 10:48:02 CST 2010


Why didn't you put it on the 1 lb setting and roast the 8oz?  It 
would have given you plenty of time.  On the other hand, if that is 
what you did, and you could not roast 8 oz in 20 minutes, something 
is wrong and you should contact customer support.  That isn't right.

At 06:26 PM 12/10/2010, you wrote:
>Today I found a real treasure while shifting some stuff in my deep freeze
>(non defrosting).
>It was a vacuum sealed 1/2 pound of '07 crop IMV, a legendary bean everybody
>here will remember. It must have slid down past the box I keep my beans in.
>So it has been lurking there for nearly 4 years!
>So I let it thaw, and against my better judgment decided to roast it in the
>Behmor, aiming for a modest C+
>So I preheated (without beans) and loaded the full 8oz with P2 and 13
>At 10 min. no sign of first crack near. I added the maximum amount of time.
>At just one minute before the time ran out, first crack started.
>I was angry that I could not add a little more time. Why not? Why does the
>dang thing have to strictly limit how much time you can add. Even my IR2
>allows you to add as much time as you want at the end.
>Anyway, I only got to a C roast, and barely. First crack was starting to
>subside a little right before Cool started. All I needed was another 15-30
>seconds on that roast.
>This is why I'm ditching the Behmor. Far too many times it has left me
>sitting with an underdeveloped roast because I can't add a little more time.
>I have great line voltage (125 under load) so that isn't the problem.
>So I will start saving my pennies today for the M3 and I will be selling my
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