[Homeroast] Larger-than-250g roaster? (was: Quest M3)

John Nanci john at chocolatealchemy.com
Fri Dec 10 21:45:38 CST 2010

Oh, I just have to disagree with this.  My homemade, well insulated 
'Zen Roaster' can do 1.5 lbs in 14 minutes, and I've maxed it out at 
2.5 lbs with a 17 minute roast.  And it's 120 V. 20 amps, but 120 
V.  Day in day out it does 1 lb at no where near full power.  The 
main reason we don't see it is safety and various safety concerns and 
the cost to bring it to market.

My $0.02 worth.

Alchemist John

At 07:36 AM 12/8/2010, you wrote:
>I believe that to roast more than a pound at a time requires 220v at
>higher amperage's (think dryer) or a gas driven roaster.  There are
>some fluid bed roaster designs out there that you can build that will
>do a pound or more using a 220v circuit. But, consider this 220v is
>serious, dangerous power that will kill you.  I believe this is one
>reason we don't see this type of roaster on the market.

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