[Homeroast] Why I will be selling my Behmor and buying an M3

sci scizen at gmail.com
Fri Dec 10 20:26:27 CST 2010

Today I found a real treasure while shifting some stuff in my deep freeze
(non defrosting).
It was a vacuum sealed 1/2 pound of '07 crop IMV, a legendary bean everybody
here will remember. It must have slid down past the box I keep my beans in.
So it has been lurking there for nearly 4 years!
So I let it thaw, and against my better judgment decided to roast it in the
Behmor, aiming for a modest C+
So I preheated (without beans) and loaded the full 8oz with P2 and 13
At 10 min. no sign of first crack near. I added the maximum amount of time.
At just one minute before the time ran out, first crack started.
I was angry that I could not add a little more time. Why not? Why does the
dang thing have to strictly limit how much time you can add. Even my IR2
allows you to add as much time as you want at the end.
Anyway, I only got to a C roast, and barely. First crack was starting to
subside a little right before Cool started. All I needed was another 15-30
seconds on that roast.
This is why I'm ditching the Behmor. Far too many times it has left me
sitting with an underdeveloped roast because I can't add a little more time.
I have great line voltage (125 under load) so that isn't the problem.
So I will start saving my pennies today for the M3 and I will be selling my


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