[Homeroast] Brewtus I for sale

Barry Luterman lutermanb at gmail.com
Fri Dec 10 14:19:38 CST 2010

With Derek's permission the following offer is made.As you might know
I have just moved from Hawaii to Portland OR. Part of the decision to
relocate was based on SM decision not to mail greens to Hawaii. At any
rate one of the perks of the move is to design myself a coffee prep
room. I have a vision of equipping it with an Alex Duetto. My problem
is I have a great double boiler Brewtus I. When I packed  my household
goods. It was working perfectly,at the end of June, and will be
delivered Monday.If someone in the Portland area is interested in
purchasing it I will part with it. I can pack it and ship it elsewhere
but would rather demonstrate it to the buyer and have them pick it up.
Those of you who know me know I really baby my equipment.If you are
interested in it contact me off list.

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