[Homeroast] Larger-than-250g roaster? (was: Quest M3)

Larry Dorman ldorman at gmail.com
Thu Dec 9 13:10:47 CST 2010

There was a period where here on the forums there were a bunch of us
working on the concept together and each contributing our
improvements.  I wonder if anyone else will see that we're talking
about them again and come out of lurking mode.  :)

The setup is really simple...  (far more so that it might sound)

1) Acquire a stir-crazy popcorn popper (6qt, I believe)  These were
available at Target, but also online for around $25.
2) Acquire a short length of 3/8" copper tubing (the soft stuff) and a
copper cap (forget the size...  3/4"?)
3) Cut the tubing to length so that it fits over the wire stir crazy arms
4) Crimp the tubing flat over the arms...  I used a small vice for this purpose
5) Cut a small slot across the open end of the copper cap... (use a
hacksaw, dremel, etc.) with the goal being that the slot is snug and
will snap on to the slightly exposed stir crazy arms in the center of
the stir crazy.
6) Remove the plastic cap in the center of the stir crazy and replace
it with the copper cap
7) Get an aluminum yard stick and drill a small hole each inch
8) Shape the yard stick so that it fits along the inner lip of the
stir crazy...  there will be about an inch overlap where the ends
meet.  Shape it slightly large so it has a spring effect that keeps it
pressed up against the edge of the lip when in use.
9) Acquire a turbo oven of the right size....  the one I bought was
the sunpentown turbo oven so-2000.  A quick google search shows these
as still available for around $65.

I would recommend buying a pound of Ugh (is that still available?) and
doing a throw-away roast the first time just to christen the entire
setup.  Otherwise, I tend to let the SC heat up first, then add a
pound of beans, and then put the TO on top and set it between 300-330
and let it go for a while (upwards of 10 minutes).  If the roast is
producing a lot of chaff then I'll slightly lift the TO on one edge
and let it burp out a bunch of the chaff... in a worst case, you might
have to pull the TO up and (with a glove) wipe the chaff off the
inside.  Frequently it will have gotten to first crack by this point
and I'll reduce the heat for a short time and then crank it up to
around 360-375 for a period of time... that period depends on whether
I'm shooting for second crack or just wanting to go a little beyond
1st.  All of that said, I get results that I'm pretty happy with...
with profiling and more control of the times and temperatures, I could
probably take the roast quality up a notch.

For cooling I have a small personal fan and a couple large rectangular
cookie/brownie pans...  I'll set the TO back on it's bowl to get it
out of the way and then wearing gloves pick up the entire SC (with
yardstick) setup after unplugging it and dump it on one of the cookie
sheets.  After I get my next roast started I dump the roasted beans
from the first roast onto the second cookie sheet (since they've
transferred a lot of their heat to the first sheet).  The fan blows
across them while they're on the sheets.

I can easily roast a couple pounds in 30 minutes with all of the prep,
roasting, and cleanup factored in.

Feel free to ask questions... I'll do my best to answer them.  I might
also get motivated to take some pictures of my current setup since
it's in my garage.


On Thu, Dec 9, 2010 at 2:41 AM, g paris p <pchforever at gmail.com> wrote:
> Larry:  very neat setup. was it too difficult to modify all for roasting.
> where did you get your
> instructions or did you do it all yoursef, design that is!
> thanks ginny

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