[Homeroast] Quest M3 Arrives, Is it worth it?

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Thanks, MiKe!  Very helpful, and "It's easy to turn beans brown, it's a lifetime Journey learning to make
beans sing" is a definite keeper!
Happy Roasting,
robert yoder

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> Controlling airflow and thus controlling convection is key to quick control
> in commercial (style) drum roasters. Convection is the primary heat source
> commercial roasters, not induction or infrared.
> Solid drum superior affording more even heat. The entire drum is heated not
> just an open mesh allowing heat in through the openings. Drum itself slower
> to change heat yes, and roast changes slower responding IF attempting to
> control profile strictly via applied heat. See above.
> The QM3's solid drum combined with variable airflow is what makes it unique
> in the home roasting arena and most able to replicate a good commercial drum
> roaster.
> Controlling airflow is one of those strange somewhat counter intuitive
> things that takes time and many many roasts to begin to get a handle on.
> Airflow can draw heat OUT of the chamber slowing a roast and/or apply more
> heat to the beans via convection speeding the roast. What!? Learning how
> much airflow when with how much flame for what result, tricky science and
> art. And changes never immediate so you always want to know where you are
> and where you want to be and where you want to go to make changes in advance
> to arrive when you want where you want. Yeah, a mouthful.
> It's easy to turn beans brown, it's a lifetime Journey learning to make
> beans sing.
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> > Hank,
> > 
> > Thanks for your very informative posts!
> > 
> > Can you provide a bit more info about the thermocouples and 
> > data-logger you installed in the Quest?
> > 
> > I'm still a bit confused about the relative merits of 
> > wire-mesh v solid drum. I imagine the solid drum has more 
> > thermal mass and is slower to react to temperature changes, 
> > but what I don't get is why the solid drum is better, being 
> > slower and thus less-sensitive to control input, especially 
> > with the thermal lag of the electric heating elements. 
> > 
> > Any light you can provide would be very welcome.
> > 
> > Thanks, and,
> > 
> > Happy Roasting,
> > 
> > robert yoder 
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