[Homeroast] Larger-than-250g roaster? (was: Quest M3)

Kysh kyshie at gmail.com
Wed Dec 8 10:25:34 CST 2010

> I'm not sure where you got the idea there are "lots of options for low-end
> in the 1lb-1.5kg range". Do it (build it) yourself maybe, ready built off
> the shelf targeting home roasters exactly zero that I know of.

Sorry.. I was a little exhausted yesterday and on re-reading, I did
indeed say that.  I think by 'low-end' I meant low batch size, or
low-end professional roasters; I certainly didn't mean to imply cheap.

> As Andy mentioned there is the RKDrum (and some copycats) made to use with a
> gas grill, not much else if anything. But really what you're looking for AND
> the activities of roasting up to 3.3lb batches for more than yourself and
> immediate family IS entering the realm of commercial roasting and as such
> you'll need to look at real commercial roasters if you're serious about
> moving forward. Then yes there are options, but not low-end or low cost.

I'm not looking for low-end or low-cost, or a gas grill.  I'm
definitely willing to go beyond that, but I don't need to roast, say,
12kg of coffee.

Sorry for the confusion!


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